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Cork Flooring


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General Information

Cork is obtained form the bark of the cork oak tree which grows in the Mediterranean. Cork Oak plantations first harvest the bark from trees that are 25-30 years old. This stripping of the bark is not harmful to the trees. Cork flooring is available in tile, mosaic, and floating planks.

Product Qualities

Cork flooring is naturally elastic, giving it a soft and forgiving feeling underfoot with a resistance to indentation. It is also a good shock, sound, and thermal insulator. The tiny cells inherent in the cork give it these positive attributes.


Positives: Cork is a bio based rapidly renewable resource. The harvesting of the bark does not harm the trees.

Concerns: Cork is harvested in the Mediterannean, sometimes a long distance from the point of purchase and use. The cork oak tree is grown in the Mediterranean and most flooring products are manufactured outside the United States. The importing of any product adds an energy related transportation burden to the environmental impact of its use. Somtimes a PVC or laminate coating is added to the surface. In terms of sustainability, PVC is a controversial product.


Cork flooring is suitable for a wide range of commercial or residential applications. It can last from 10-50 years. It should not be used below grade where moisture levels may be a problem. Other cork products can be used for tackable and acoustical surfaces.

Care and Maintenance

Vacuuming and damp mopping with a mild detergent are the basic requirements for the care of cork flooring. Depending upon application, original finish, and specific product specified, it may require refinishing over time.

Cork Flooring


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Criteria for Cork Flooring

  • Must be a natural cork flooring product.
Note: All products must be available for purchase in the United States.
Manufacturer Product Styles: Finishes Notable Location
Amcork (importer/distributor)
Tile, Floating Plank 20 styles: Natural colors, range of pigments , UV-cured acrylic 8-10 wk lead time discount, all PVC free on line info unavailable
Classic Cork Tile,
Engineered Cork Tile,
Floating Plank,
11 styles:
Natural colors,
unfinished, waxed, urethane
all PVC free US Reps Portugal
Traditional Tile, Specialty Tile, Contemporary Tile, Floating Floor,
Cork/Rubber Tile: XCR4
23 styles:
Natural colors,
unfinished, waxed, urethane.
XCR4: 27 colors
all PVC free
Custom sizes
US Reps,
Tile, Floating Plank Standard style:
36 colors wide variety, varnish
Custom colors, variety of shapes and sizes limited retail, on line New York, NY
Habitus (importer/distributor)
Tile, Floating Plank, Mosaic 9 styles: Natural colors, custom colors, unfinished, varnish Custom sizes, variety of shapes, over 100 custom colors, recycled content, all PVC free on line Italy & Portugal i
Manufacturer Product Styles: Finishes Notable Location
Natural Cork
Parquet Tile,
EcoCork Plank,
Floating Plank
27 styles:
Natural colors,
red tones, white wash,
unfinished, curable oil, UV-cured acrylic
all PVC free
Custom sizes
US Reps Spain
Nova Distinctive Flooring™ (importer/distributor) Tile,
Floating Plank
27 styles:
Natural colors,
red tones, black,
urethane, hard wax oil
all PVC free US Retail Dealers Switzerland
Classic Collection Floor Tiles & Planks, Floating Planks 18 styles: Natural colors, unfinished, waxed, varnished, ceramic all PVC free,
pre consumer recycled content
Retail Dealers,
28 states
Amorim Revestimentos
Floating Plank: 6 series,
Tile: 2 series
5 styles: varnish, Xtreme WRT varnish, Natural colors, factory colored Floating floors: engineered cork system, Series 2000: vinyl backing US Retail, Distributors tbd
Updated 8/07