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January / February 2009


We're a couple of weeks into the new year and one day into a new political administration. Hope was offered during the campaign and filled the air on inauguration day. The New Year always provides each of us with an opportunity to hope that our resolve for the coming year will be embedded in our actions and culminate in new and improved selves. Hopefulness can ground us in our actions. But, it is action that manifests hope into reality. My hope for Easy to be Green this year is continued growth with superb quality and increased quantity of information; all in pursuit of providing fundamental support to interior designers seeking more sustainable professional practices.

Our action steps for growth will include more marketing and outreach to interior designers. Hours of work will bring additional quantity of information while continued vigilance and attention to detail will protect the quality and integrity of our work. These are a few of the action steps we're taking in service to our hope filled goal.

Along with my hopes for Easy to be Green, I have hope for our community, the community of interior designers. I hope we unite together to raise the bar on sustainable practices, making it a place of common ground to cooperatively help do our part to move the world toward sustainable living. Whether we categorize ourselves as commercial or residential designers, whether we work in small, medium or large firms, whether we work independently, whether we work in a specialized market segment or on a variety of types of projects, what has always united us is our professionalism and the design process we all share. Now, if we choose, we can be united by our commitment to sustainability. If ever there were a fundamentally important, timely and necessary call to action for our profession it would the implementation of sustainable practices. Each of us impacts the status quo with our choices, either by continuing patterns or breaking new ground toward change. United in community, choosing sustainably responsible action, we can change the status quo of our profession and make a positive contribution to the world.

Our sustainably responsible actions need to be based on knowledge. So, one of our first steps needs to be to add sustainability to our continuing education. Interior Designers are by nature life long learners, always researching and observing the effect spaces have on people. This ensures our professional development and makes it possible for us to bring the latest and greatest solutions to our clients. Now, we all need to establish a foundation of knowledge about sustainability and the effects our choices have on the environment as well. We're here doing our part to support you with book reviews, editorials, product information and additional resources all geared toward your needs as an interior designer. The amount of information available and the number of resources continues to grow as the acceptance of sustainability takes hold in our culture. We'll sort through it for relevance to you as a designer and add information necessary for all of us to be literate regarding the field of sustainability.

If you aren't yet a subscriber to, please join our community and let us serve you. I see a sustainable tomorrow on the horizon; possible to reach only if we are founded in hope and united in action.

Joyfully, Sue Norman
Sue Norman, Managing Editor