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About Us

Easy to be Green is a web based resource created by an interior designer for interior designers. It's now easy for you to research product options, expand your knowledge base, and stay ahead of the growing sustainability learning curve. This website consolidates countless hours of research into an easily accessible format. Let us do the research so you don't have to. We enjoy it! You can do what you enjoy: creating sustainable interiors.

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Easy to be Green does not accept advertising. There will never be a conflict of interest between the information provided and advertisers. Our success depends solely on our ability to meet your needs. And our content depends solely on researching the facts and making professional judgments and decisions.

Everything at Easy to be Green is designed to serve you and your needs as an interior designer. Think of us as your research assistant: providing information in a timely manner and making it accessible and easy to use. As professionals, we want to create spaces that lessen our negative impact on the natural world and support the health of people using the built environment. We also want to make a positive impact on the social fabric of our culture. Everything we do and donít do is important and can contribute to these goals. One project at a time, one client at a time, with each step we take on our sustainability journey, we can create incredible interior spaces and a more sustainable tomorrow for everyone.

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